Global Talent Invited

Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (SYNL) invites internationally renowned scholars and talented young researchers to joint us. With outstanding benefits, competitive pay and a stimulating and attractive work environment, SYNL is a great place to pursue your career.

Currently, temporary positions for oversea talents with a fixed-term for at least 1 year are available. Detail information is as follows:


    A. World Leading Scientists

    For international renowned leading materials scientists, academicians and fellows, SYNL offers a tailor-made package based on negotiation.

    B. Professors/Associate Professors under the age of 65

    For talents with a proven track record of academic achievement, comparable to those of professors or associate professors in world-renowned universities and institutes, SYNL offers:

  • A compensation package: CNY 500,000-800,000 annual salary before tax (approximately USD 74,700-119,500)
  • Research funding: Up to CNY 1.9 million (approximately USD 271,000).
  • C. Excellent Post-doctors under the age of 40

    For young post-doctors graduated from world-renowned universities and institutes with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in materials research, SYNL offers:

  • A compensation package: CNY 300,000-400,000 annual salary before tax (approximately USD 44,800-59,800)
  • Research funding: Up to CNY 1.6 million (approximately USD 239,000).
  • Large office and laboratory space with state-of-the-art facilities will be provided to all the researchers and scientists. In addition, SYNL will offer assistant to faculty and researchers applying for the government-sponsored talent plans.


Qualified applicants are strongly encouraged to send their application and comprehensive CV electronically to